Caldana of Gavorrano in the Tuscan Maremma

Caldana is a little village on the hills of the Tuscan Maremma . The place-name of Caldana probably derives from Latin “ Acque calidae ad Vetulonios” ,just remembered from Plinio.The name of the village Caldana is mentioned from the bishop of Lucca in the 910 , but the name “ Vico Caldanae “ yet resulted in the middle of the VIII century on a document of the Longobard Court.

The Austini family bought the Caldana Castle in the 1558 : the most important architectonic testimony of the village , most of all the greater work in Caldana , the San Biagio Church , a sample of holy Renaissance build in the Tuscan Grossetana Maremma are thanks to this family.

The area , where is situated the Olive-grove of the firm Azienda Agricola Il Poggetto di Mezzo is characterized from hills with Olive-trees cultivation , typical of this zone of Tuscany , that is particularly dedicated to the agriculture and olive-grove.The way of cultivation of olive-trees and of working of Olives are traditional and typical of this area , above all the manual harvesting of the Olives from the Olive-trees at the right point of maturation and the working of the Olives in short times , that permit to obtain an extravergin superior high-quality Olive-oil


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